All About Flossing My Teeth

Simple stories you can read with your child to help prepare for their dental visit


My dental hygienist helps me floss my teeth every time I go to the dentist. They say flossing is important because it helps get food out from between my teeth.


The hygienist starts by pulling a long piece of floss.  they say it’s about 18 inches but, I just think it’s a lot.


Then they take the floss and slides it between my teeth.  Sometimes they wiggle it forward and back to get it between my teeth.


Next, they curve the floss around each tooth, like a hug or the letter “C”, and move up and down, cleaning the sides of my tooth.  They do this for all my teeth and every time they clean a new tooth, they use a new part of the floss.  I guess that’s why they need so much.


When my hygienist finishes flossing all my teeth, my teeth feel nice and clean!