My Safety

At Taylor Dental, we are proud to be recognized for providing high-standard, compassionate dental care. Patient safety is the cornerstone of delivering care of this quality. Here are just a few ways we make sure your children; family and you stay safe when visiting our office.

Infection Control

We are dedicated to helping all team members maintain the safest environment in our dental offices. Every team member is encouraged to identify and report anything that might result in harm to patients or coworkers, as well as to speak up and share any concerns.


We have complete control over who handles our instruments and how they’re sterilized. Along with the proper sterilization of instruments and materials. Sterilizer monitoring is an essential part of Taylor Dental’s in-office infection control program.

Regulatory Accreditation

We oversee efforts to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety, in
keeping with guidelines set forth by agencies that regulate and accredit dental offices. Our team works closely with these agencies to keep abreast of newly established protocols to improve dental health outcomes in our offices.